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Rant: Jesus isn’t MY guildleader!

Monday, March 20th, 2006

In response to this, all I have to say is:

Lemmy is my Guild Leader

Review: V for “My Brother’s Vagina”

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

So we recently went to see V for Vendetta in the theatre. My wife loved it, and our friend who had never read the comics also loved it, And our other friends who we ran into after a later showing, who also had not read the comic, again, loved it. I, however, was left nonplussed, by three very specific things.

Firstly, in the comic, V kills the priest by making him take a cyanide-laced eucharist, commenting that if transubstantiation isn’t just an article of faith, then the eucharist will be transformed into a little jesus giblet and no harm will come. In the movie, he just forces him to take some drugs. Which I suppose proves you can blow up parliament, but can’t mock the Church of England.

Secondly, in the comic, much is made of the fact that you never know the race, gender, or sexual orientation of V, and in the end, there is a scene where various hypothetical outcomes are presented to us, to truly get across the point that V is an Everybody. V is us, in all of our differences. In the movie, he’s just some drug-filled burn victim. He’s Darkman. …I find this especially surprising because, honestly, you’d think that the one Wachowski sibling would want to hammer home the woman hiding behind a man’s mask aspect of the story. Evidently he pussied out. (pun cruelly intended)

Finally, in the movie, much is made of the fact that America has collapsed into civil war, yet throughout the film we are given great shots of shiny black Dell computers, and I believe they’re driving a Pontiac throughout the film. It’s good to know that when the nation does fall into chaos, it won’t hurt Michael Dell.